Handbook of Transformative Phenomenology

by Valerie Malhotra Bentz, James Marlatt, and Carol Estrada

This book offers an introduction to Phenomenology, an emerging field of socio-cultural research and practice that encourages positive change for practitioners at every level in modern society. Put briefly, Transformative Phenomenology is the study of human consciousness, and ways in which an enriched awareness can help individuals achieve personal, professional or organizational goals. Particularly today, a person’s view of the world can so often be clouded or biased by preconceptions, ideology, grievances or deliberate distortions in the media. Over time, these may blind us to what should be readily apparent to the clear phenomenological eye. In other words, Phenomenology directs us to the fullness of our experience.
Scholars at Fielding Graduate University developed the practice of Transformative Phenomenology over several decades based on the foundational work of Husserl and Schutz. With contributions from nine scholars around the world, this handbook is designed to appeal to researchers, educators, scholar-practitioners and students, as well as the general reader interested in understanding the phenomenological way to an expanded consciousness in the pursuit of a more livable world.