Current Work

Valerie recently co-authored a paper with two alumni from Fielding, James Marlatt and Ayumi Nishii, and Carol Estrada, current student, which will be published in a journal, Schutzian Research.  It is called “Transformative Phenomenology as an Antidote to Technological Deathworlds.”  They work collaboratively as a community of practice in transformative phenomenology. Link to paper:

Transformative Phenomenology as an Antidote to Technological Deathworlds

Valerie is currently leading a research project called Collaboration with Strangers involving doctoral students and alumni from connecting Fielding Graduate University students and alumni with doctoral students at the University of Lodz, Poland. Together they will be building communities of practice across cultures and races using somatic phenomenology.  You are invited to join them in this exciting project:

From Strangers to Collaborators

Transformative Phenomenology and Us

Fielding Authors Contribute to Schutzian Research, Volume 10 (2018)