Angela Chimboza, Recent Alumna

Hi Valerie,

I hope this is not too late. I was traveling this weekend so routines got upset.
But here we are…..
I regard you as one of the best mentors I have ever had. You were available in a time of need despite your always full schedule. When I needed guidance, direction, and motivation after months of stagnation you were there. Like a great mentor, my success mattered a lot to you.

As my mentor your feedback was honest, precise, constructive and enabled me to progress with my dissertation writing. Sure at times I did not agree with your advice, but had to take it after realizing how important and appropriate it was for my progress and development as a writer.
Thank you for pushing me to excel in my academics.

I also call you a great mentor because you also fueled my reading and writing passion and allowed me to know about some great writers out there, like Schutz, Habermas, and Luckman, whose approaches to society, organizations and people will be a reference point for my professional work.

Thank you for your mentorship and teaching that also taught me to keep an open and critical mind as a scholar, invaluable skills that I will take with me into the world as a Phd degree holder.
Warmest regards